where it all started

When people ask you what the best toy you have every received is, the first thing that comes to your mind is that huge Barbie doll house, that iPhone you got for your 16th birthday, that MacBook you were surprised with or that sports car you got on sale” but how many of us actually take time and realize that the best gift we have ever and could ever receive is our life!

The one gift that is given to you once. A moment that could never ever be replayed, even if you wanted it to.

Imagine if we could actually remember every little detail of our birthday, like our actual date of birth. Just imagine. From your head being crushed, your bum being smacked, to suddenly being surrounded by bright lights.

Interesting fact: the hippocampus, which is a brain structure, is involved in the formation of memory for facts and events. During birth, this structure is not fully grown, and so any memory of your birth is very unlikely.

Anywho, on a snowing Friday afternoon on the 11th of the favorite month (December) of the year 1997 my head made its way out of a C-section incision at exactly 2pm and that my friends, was the minute my sassy self made its way into this world.First blog post